Yuuki YoshiyamaHybrid Consulting Inc CEO

代表 吉山勇樹

Consulting Career

Mr. Yoshiyama first got involved in venture business during his university years. After graduation he started working for a leading telecommunications company at the new business development department. As a project manager he set up a new sales division within the company and was also dealing with CRM strategy or new mobile solutions such as MVNO. Then he moved to a consulting firm specializing in education and human resources. There he started as a director but later became the CEO of the company.
Then he became independent and on more than 200 days of the year he was training or lecturing at companies and organizations. In addition to consulting specific projects, his main goal was to improve organizational and operational performance of his clients. He also got involved in a government (METI) project aiming to enhance the business skills of new graduates.
Many recognized Mr. Yoshiyama as a facilitator who is able to think out of the box and solve problems that companies had been stuck for long time. He has been invited to numerous companies and organizations to set up new business plans or management training programs. He have also appeared numerous times on TV, radio and in printed media. Currently he is the CEO of Hybrid Consulting Inc.

Author of Best Sellers

Mr. Yoshiyama is an author of 24 books with 4 foreign language translations. Total sales of these publishings exceed 600,000 copies. They have sold more than 120,000 copies of his first best seller “No overtime! How to finish your job three times faster.” In Tsutaya, which is one of the largest bookstores in Japan, Mr. Yoshiyama was among the Top 5 most popular national authors of the year and he is a role model for young business personalities in Japan.

NPO Leader

As his life work Mr. Yoshiyama wants to improve Japanese elementary and high school education. He is a leader at an NPO called “Renaissance Of Japanese Education” and he is also a member of the advising committee of another NPO called “dot-jp.” On top of these roles he is presiding over his home town’s revitalization project “IMA-NARA” that aims to make Nara a center of Japanese innovation and encourage 20-year-olds to contribute to Japan’s future development.

Champagne “Knight”

Mr. Yoshiyama is the youngest “knight” of the French “Ordre Des Coteaux De Champagne” that promotes champagne all around the world. In 2013 he also became a member of the “La Confrerie du Sabre d'Or.” He has been organizing exclusive events all around Japan to promote matching Japanese cuisine with champagne. These events have been highly recognized by Japanese VIP customers.


In his private time Mr Yoshiyama has been involved in music for more than 17 years. He started DJing in 1996 focusing on the genres of house, techno, trance, breaks, DnB etc. Besides his own foreign tours he supported world wide tours of top DJ’s such as Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. He is famous of his flashy performace and exceptionally tricky playing technique. Recently he was seen at the club scenes of the tours of Ministry Of Sound Japan, AMNESIA IBIZA JAPAN, Pacha IBIZA JAPAN. He was DJ at the Miss Universe Japan Final event and several other internationally branded events as well. Most recently he teamed up with big party producer KONNEKT to develop a special party network all around Asia. 2014 party scenes will include Cebu (Philippines) and Vietnam Da Nang. This year they are also planning new world wide song releases.